3 Essential Tips That Will Make Your Ceramic Bathroom Last Till Almost Forever!

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Made out of natural materials that go through a heating process in a kiln under extreme temperatures, ceramic and porcelain bathroom tiles and fixtures are known for their versatility and beauty. Add to that, they also require very low-maintenance. The process of making ceramics gives them an unparalleled resiliency and durability.

Ceramic glazing provides a protective barrier against stains, chemicals, water and dirt, making it more resistant. But even if ceramic bathroom tiles and fixtures have such an impervious coating, it doesn’t mean it would remain in perfect shape forever. Constant neglect and poor maintenance can make it deteriorate faster than expected. Here let’s take a look at some easy steps to keep it in an optimal condition.

  1. Keep ceramic surfaces free of clutter

Except for the kitchen, there’s no other place in your home where grime can accumulate quicker than the bathroom. Prevent the buildup of grime by cutting down on clutter. Remove makeup, bottles, hair tools, and other bathroom necessities from the surface of ceramics. If left standing for a long time, these can lead to grime and stains. Of course, dirty things like used tissue paper or soiled napkins are downright gross and can definitely stain your ceramics. If you have heavy menstrual discharge and are afraid to stain your ceramic toilet, you may want to use a good menstrual cup like those here: https://topladiessecret.com/best-menstrual-cups/.

  1. Keep cleaning tools handy

When it comes to cleaning, having the right tools within reach is half the battle. Make sure you have toilet brush, rolled washcloths and cleaners inside your bathroom. This way you can instantly cleanup any chance of staining or grime buildup. For instance, if you’ve accidentally thrown hair colorant onto the floor or have forgotten to use your menstrual tampon from Top Ladies Secret and have stained the floor with blood, you can simply grab your toilet brush or a damp cloth to wash out the stain immediately. There are a lot of pre-packed toilet cleaners that come with all the equipment and supplies you need. Choose one that best suits your bathroom size and requirements.

  1. Always clean up

With the right cleaning equipment and supplies on hand, this should be an easy one! At every chance, wipe or brush any dirt you see. Make cleaning a regular habit. Do it after you take a bath or after you brush your teeth. If you have a busy schedule, do it at least twice a week on specified days. For example, you can add to your daily to-do list for every Sunday and Friday. Take particular attention on areas where grime commonly develops, such as around the toilet seat and the sink. You don’t have to do general cleaning everyday – that’s tiring and time-consuming. Just a quick, regular clean-up and your ceramic bathroom tiles and fixtures will surely come neat and clean!

Keeping your ceramics in great form only needs these three simple, quick tips!